Family Support For Dealing With Addiction

Family, friends and colleagues need support as much as the person suffering with addiction or alcoholism.

Free initial consultations within 24 hours

Are you affected by another person’s drug or alcohol use?

The affliction of addiction & alcoholism can have drastic effects on close friends, families and work collegues

Families can find it hard to cope with the behaviour and effects of their loved ones drug or alcohol use. They often find it embarrassing and can be concerned about other people finding out.

Friends are often bewildered at the changes they see in a person and may not know where to get information for themselves.

Colleagues may be concerned about others in the work environment finding out what their associate is doing, and the impact in terms of their career.

Irrespective of your role in the life of someone whose drug or alcohol use is of concern to you, we offer a discreet and professional therapy service to support you through the difficult circumstances you find yourself in.

An intervention service can also be offered in conjunction with support for you.

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Free initial consultations within 24 hours

Support available to you

Caring & non-judgemental support options

Monthly support group

Headed by our drug & alcohol lead

This is designed to give you support and ideas to manage the situation and enable you to step back from the person you are concerned about and focus on caring for yourself more.

One to one sessions

A safe, non-judgemental and caring space

One to One sessions are here to focus on your well-being and management of the behaviours that you may be finding difficult in the person you are concerned for.

Learn how to manage & understand
If you’re affected by someone elses addiction, help is available for you

If you’re affected by someone else’s addiction or alcoholism and need support, we’re here for you

Free initial consultations within 24 hours