Children & Family Clinic

For times when families need that added support and guidance.

At Home Counties Therapy we offer a joint service for children and adolescents helping to tackle some of the issues that families and children face.

Free initial consultations within 24 hours

    Support for Children & Families

    We offer a professional, non-judgemental and caring environment

    It may be that you are finding your child needs some external support to cope with changes in their life or that their behaviour is proving challenging and you would like to understand better what you can do as a parent to support them. Sometimes family changes can cause your child to become unsettled and the dynamic between two or more family members is proving challenging.

    We offer a professional, non-judgemental and caring environment to explore with you and your child or teenager how you can move forward in a positive way to establishing harmony in your relationships and your home.

    You will have a choice of therapies which your therapist and you can decide upon jointly. We aim to offer you an appointment within twenty-four hours of contacting us.

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    ASD & PDA
    Emotional & Behavioural Concerns
    Depression & Anxiety

    Free initial consultations within 24 hours

      Treatment options & services

      We can offer tailored treatment packages that work with you and your child’s needs


      Explore addiction and work towards harm reduction or abstinence

      One of our experienced team members will guide you and your child through the assessment process. Getting to know you and your child is important to us. Understanding the reasons you have sought help, exploring historical issues, current family dynamics and any past intervention. We will discuss with you goals and treatment options. We aim to make the process as comfortable as possible for you and your family.

      Individual Therapy

      Professional assistance no matter what the circumstances are

      One to one therapy for your child where they are able to talk about their worries and emotions in a safe and productive way. Using age appropriate strategies and building a good repour with your child and family members to build on existing strengths and overcome challenges. Appointments are 60 minutes and usually either once or twice a week in our ASD friendly family room.

      Joint/Family Therapy

      Access convenient and confidential testing services through our clinic

      Explore issues alongside your child or family members in a healthy way. Helping to work through conflict and build a more cohesive relationship. This is usually for a set number of sessions and can be in accessed in addition to one to one therapy.

      Family Therapy

      Outreach & Home Visits

      Working in partnership with clients to make the best treatment decisions

      We are able to offer home appointments and extra support where needed. We understand that clinic based appointments are not always convenient and you may feel more comfortable at home. You can also book a home assessment.

      Outreach & Home Visits