Adult Mental Health Clinic

Promoting psychological wellbeing & offering solutions that work when you most need them.

At Home Counties Therapy we offer an adult therapeutic service that is tailored to the requirements and needs of each individual person.

Free initial consultations within 24 hours

    Adult Mental Health Support

    We offer both short term and longer-term treatment options which can be either clinic or home based.

    It may be that you have been aware for some time that you would benefit from therapeutic support or you may find yourself at a point of crisis. You may be fully aware of the concerns you would like to find a resolution to, or you may feel down, anxious or generally unhappy and not sure why. Whatever your situation and experiences, we will offer a professional, non-judgemental and safe environment in which to explore the difficulties in your life. It may be that you are worried for a family member or friend and wish to speak to someone about these concerns.

    If you decide that the time is right for you to access therapeutic support it is important for you to have options in terms of the type of therapy available and we feel that offering choice is important for our clients. Your therapist will work with you to decide the right package of treatment for you.

    Our aim is to offer you an appointment within 24 hours
    An out of hours contact line is also available for emergencies.

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    Free initial consultations within 24 hours

      Treatment options & services

      We can offer tailored treatment packages that are best for to explore and work with your mental health


      The first step to improving your mental health & wellbeing

      One of our experienced team members will guide you through the assessment process. Getting to know you is important to us and understanding the reasons you have sought help, exploring historical issues and any past treatment you may have had. They will discuss goals and treatment options with you towards the end of the appointment. We will encourage you to take some time to reflect on the options available.

      Individual Therapy

      Professional assistance no matter what the circumstances are

      This can be a short term or longer term intervention. With your designated therapist you will work to build a collaborative relationship to work towards your treatment goals, explore and understand the concerns that have brought you to therapy. Appointments are 60 minutes and usually either once or twice a week.

      Joint/Family Therapy

      Access convenient and confidential testing services through our clinic

      Explore issues with a partner or family member in a safe and producti